If you are looking for “something normal,” you definitely aren’t going to find it here! Feisty Diva is mainly interested in projects that deviate from the mainstream and have an offbeat or wildly artistic flair. Transformations are her specialty.


Feisty Diva can do a wide range of looks and has an almost unlimited wardrobe of clothing, wigs, accessories, footwear and props. Please let her know if you have any particular wardrobe or prop interests, and she will be more than happy to work with you!


Feisty Diva is equipped to handle her own makeup and styling if required. Please see her portfolio for examples of makeup and styling work.


Feisty Diva is extremely reliable, having braved adversities like the NYC blackout and Hurricane Isabella to arrive on schedule to shoots in those areas!


Feisty Diva may do “nude illusion” projects at her discretion. All “Nude illusion” projects MUST be discussed BEFORE the shoot.


Unless it is a commercial project for a reputable company or publication, Feisty Diva will bring a companion with her to each shoot.


Please provide Feisty Diva with all of the details about your project, including, but not limited to: your name, project date(s), location, styling, project description, URLs of websites featuring your work and compensation. You can contact her here.

Time for Prints/CD

Feisty Diva will consider TFP/TFCD projects on a case-by-case basis(*). Initial TFP/TFCD sessions with photographers may be limited to three hours maximum depending on the project. Please be honest and as detailed as possible in your communication with respect to TFP/TFCD proposals.

*Unfortunately, SOME photographers abused the TFP/TFCD system and failed to provide prints or a CD after the shoot. One of these days Feisty Diva might just have to list all of them here so that other models are warned that they might not be compensated for their effort and hours of work with those photographers. Due to the unscrupulous nature of those photographers, all further TFP and TFCD model releases will be rendered null and void UNTIL I receive my promised CD or prints. If you plan to give Feisty Diva her images in a reasonable fashion, then you should not have any problems with this aspect of the agreement.